Ocelot provides total management solutions to the midstream energy market.

Our extensive experience in the field enables us to know exactly how to support your business.

Our flexible and responsive solutions support you in reducing overall cost.

Ocelot Energy Management is a midstream specialist providing total management services for assets and projects ranging from liquid and gas pipelines to complex processing plants, terminals and storage facilities.

Our Philosophy

The energy industry is complex and ever-changing. It takes a high degree of knowledge to understand the industry, and deep experience is the key to making and sustaining a profit. There are so many moving parts and partnerships to bring any energy product to market, most companies choose to specialize. That’s where Ocelot comes in.

Like the cat for which we are named, Ocelot is quick, powerful and nimble, able to support the midstream energy market with the perspective of those who have been in the field, who have brought energy companies to life, and are here now to support visionaries in the same endeavors. It is our passion. We’re privileged to combine it with yours and turn your plans into successful realities.

Our Partners

have spent decades in the Midstream energy Market